AfroCuban transnationalization

and national reconciliation


The transnational identity of the AfroCuban traditions becomes key religious and socio-cultural values of the Cuban nationality during the last two centuries. Special consideration must be given to recognizing AfroCuban solid constituencies for peace and conflict resolution in a contemporary civil society.

Despite Cuba’s abolition of slavery in 1889 and its independence from Spain in 1902, the AfroCubans remained marginalized in society and created the first black national party in the Western Hemisphere; a political organization that culminated with the massacre of thousands in 1912. Although some cultural values of African origin are part of the official Cuban culture, there is a lack of true racial equality in the Nation.

Founded 1976, the AfroCuban Research Institute (www.afrocuba.org) is documenting experiences from our last years of cultural academic exchange between Cuba and the United States, including field trips and educational programs in both countries. A serial of several articles and lectures will be presented in collaboration with California State University in Los Angeles. Video and website applications will be produced in addition to written articles comprised in an AfroCuban Anthology. The AfroCuban traditions are common ground for promoting ethnic diversity and social pluralism.

It is more likely that practitioners of AfroCuban traditions may develop a social behavior toward the blending of races and nations, and this favors racial equality in contemporary society and promotes networks of transnational communities.


Note: The paper "Transnacionalización de los cabildos afrocubano (comunidades transnacionales afrocubanas) is the preliminary study toward a larger research entitled: “AfroCuban Transnationalization and National Reconciliation”. For more information or to collaborate in the proposed research, contact: AfroCuban Research Institute. Stage Of The Arts, Inc. P.O. Box 26688, Los Angeles. California 90026.
Phone/Fax: (323) 960-0389. E-mail: Director@afrocuba.org


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