It is part of the work Presence of Don Fernando in the Psychiatry Cuban Transcultural

Who, as us, we practice the Hypnosis and we have shared and seen closely in the touches Batá the mounted ones, there is not better description of the mechanism suggestive disociativo of the conscience that the one expressed by Ortiz; would only be necessary to add (it sews that Ortiz also pointed out) the emotional atmosphere of the Güemilere and the " mooring " that the Ilú Batá makes on the one that begins to give dissociation expressions or mount, increasing on this, making it dance quicker, ascending and changing those chimed and calling to the saint with the Chachá.

Who has seen this ceremony doesn't stop to be admired by the virtuosity and the psychological manipulation that make on the dancers these players of Aña that without understanding in Hypnosis, they hypnotize, in the psychological concept of achieving a form peculiar of desestructuración of the field of the conscience. Not being reason of this work the religious conception of the mechanism limits ourselves to point out it.

With regard to the Anxiety, different forms have been described of managing it to calm the special apprehension that feels who has it, belonging one to them the one of giving exit to the magic thought by means of rituals, like in the Compulsive Obsessive Neuroses or in simpler forms, but of same mechanism.

In the mentioned work of The Black Sorcerers", Don Fernando, when referring to the concurrence from the population to the calls for him in that time Afro-Cuban sorcerers", he insisted in the mechanism of psychic necessity that satisfied those that went to the santero or the Babalao to register and this indicated him the soothing ebbó; that is to say, those practices that will solve the causes of their anxiety, magic rites that put them in contact with the soothing magic thought. This psychological function and mystic of the sacrifice was exposed in the work that we present in the Cultural Encounter Yoruba in 1992 in the Palace of the Conventions, Havana: "Point on the Cosmovisión Yoruba", to which we remit to the interested ones.

Nevertheless, in our opinion, him more studied in Cuba, it has been the modality that offers the dissociation or narrowing of the field of the conscience and the importance that the transculturación process offers to the form specific Cuban of these squares in África.

It corresponds our Teacher, Professor José Ángel Bustamante, strongly influenced by Don Fernando's studies, to develop these studies in our means with their works on the Delirious Bouffeé in Cuba, the Cultural Factors in hysterias with square clinical esquizofrénico, the Cultural Factors in hysterias with square clinical esquizofrénico, the Cultural Factors in the squares esquizofrenical, Reaction Sharp and other Psicótica, in those that it analyzed the mechanism for the one which identical factors cultural present in África and transculturizados in Cuba, influenced in the appearance of these dysfunctions that were more frequent in our country than that that reported the literature in European and Asian countries, as well as in North America.

When referring to the Delirious Boffeé, Bustamante defined it like a sharp, brief, transitory delirious crisis that is not a state confusional, since the dysfunction of the vigil is of another nature and of appearing symptoms confusionales they are of smaller importance; it is developed abruptly with deliriums polimorfos, variables, motives, alucinatorios whose more frequent forms are of persecution and greatness and whose topics are almost always of mystic content, pointing out that it is a Reaction Sharp Psicótica that a fellow offers included in a half pressed by the transculturación; it is a dissociation that happens in any personality under the pressure of a half specific one under certain conditions.

In the work presented by Bustamante in the World Congress of Psychiatry in Madrid (1966) expressed: "In our opinion what happens is that changes are operated that produce the narrowing of the mark of the conscience like those that happen in the reaction disociativa, the incorporation of the already frequent magic thought, of its believing activity, leaves it installed in the center of their operations of thinking; without i can, for it, to make the discrimination or critic that the hardship of the mark of the conscience impedes, reason for the one which its magic thought, based in the premises offered by the belief, when being expressed, a modality that he finds a to think psicótico to who observes it takes place."

Allow us to get the attention among the description of Bustamente as for the mechanism that takes place and the one explained by Ortiz in the disintegration of the personality during a process in a touch of Batá.

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